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Who we are?

We are a member of One-GML, a leading consulting firm in strategy, organization and performance transformation Digital Transformation.Our strength capability are Consulting Survey and Strategic Management, Strategy Formulation, Strategy, Performance Execution Organization Development and Alignment, Process Excellence, Research (Industrial Analysis)

Agile Integration service in Digital Transformation : IT Strategy & Planning, Digital Solution Implementation, IT Infrastructure, IT Managed Service and IT Security.

GML Overview: Consulting Survey and Strategic Management
• Strategy Formulation
• Strategy and Performance Execution
• Organization Development and Alignment
• Process Excellence
• Human Capital Savvy
• Assessment and Placement Centre
• Research (Industrial Analysis)

Digital Transformation
• IT Strategy & Planning
• Digital Solution Implementation
• IT Cloud and Infrastructure
• IT Security
• IT Managed Service and IT Outsourcing

Our Services 

In digital transformation include; Our excellent and deep knowledge and understanding of the concept of Enterprise IT Architecture, enables us to assist our clients in improving the performance and efficiency of their system architecture and IT Infrastructure. We are capable of conducting IT assessments and developing IT strategic plans, and have comprehensive experience in implementing integrated solutions such as API Management, enterprise data integration and application platforms, and process automation. In the area of ICT infrastructure we have a team that is very experienced in handling large-scale companies with very high complexity in managing cloud services, network management and cyber security.

Based on our capabilities, it allows us to assist our clients in implementing core and business support systems, such as ERP using Odoo technology. Specifically for Odoo, we are one of the official partners and have strong relationships with recommended Odoo communities in Indonesia in terms of consultation, development and implementation. Our success in implementing Odoo ERP for several clients has made us one of the to become the most trusted silver partners. we have a strong goal and target to become a local gold partner in the near future to help company businesses in ERP implementation .

Our Experience

In running several large-scale projects, supported by experienced consultants who understand the multi discipline industry. We have experience in designing and implementing high volume transaction applications, average over 15 years in IT development and implementation, support system maintenance, experience in cloud solution implementation and data center operations, certified in architecture, software and systems engineering. We have experience in integration projects and migrations for complex and business critical systems.

We ensure that the services provided to customers will run optimally and can improve effective and efficient business performance which can be measured by total cost ownership and return on investment.

Vision and Mission


“The preferred partner in digital transformation solution in Indonesia“


“We delight our customers by providing high-performance,
innovative and cost-effective digital transformation
solutions that contribute to the advancement of the digital society in Indonesia.“

Our Values


“Can” and “do”: two self-explanatory words which refer to belief and self-confidence as well as execution and performance. Both ideas are entangled and bound up together, like a
recipe in which optimism, perseverance, resilience and capacity to deliver are the ingredients

Transparancy is the key to a good governance & e governance is the only effective way of
transparent governance. “Narenda Modi”

Innovative behavior refers to the introduction and application of new ideas, products, processes, and
procedures to a person’s work role, work unit, or organization. Innovative behavior can be carried out both by aaan individual organizational member or groups of individuals within an organization.

Continuous learning is your self-motivated persistence in acquiring knowledge and competencies in order to expand your skillset and develop future opportunities. It forms part of your personal and professional development in an effort to avoid stagnation and reach your full potential.

Be reliable, provide constructive feedback, communicate effectively, listen and compromise with your team, and ensure you are trained and well versed in using whatever team collaboration tool you choose so that you are on hand to offer any guidance or support that is required.

Design, Develop, and Implement Mobile Banking Solution

Our team experience consist of the following areas:

Design architecture

Development application


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