Data Center

What are Data Center Solutions?

Data center solutions refer to the products and
services needed to create and maintain a data

Products include IT equipment, like
servers, routers, storage systems, and
firewalls, as well as supporting infrastructure for the
physical data center, like cooling systems,
batteries, generators and cabling. Services
include technical support, installation, and
configuration Depending on size and needs, a
business may use its own data centers or it
may share a section of a data center with other
tenants. Consequently, data center solutions
can include just the setup and maintenance of
certain racks within a data center, or they
can expand to include the design and
construction of an entirely new, proprietary data

Why Data Center Solutions?
As more data and infrastructure are virtualized, more solutions address the resources needed for access and protection of  data in the cloud. A software-defined data center runs workloads locally or in the cloud or moves them back and forth as needed.
Commonly, businesses use a physical data center
along with cloud resources or providers. Data
center solutions can then include support for
virtualized networking, storage and security

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